Kabbalah Course

Several years ago I created and taught a course on the Kabbalah for the School for Esoteric Studies. The course is no longer offered, but the material may be of interest to esoteric students. The handouts are provided here, by generous permission of the SES, in their original form--without correction, editing or revision. The course material is copyrighted. It may be printed for pesonal use. Any other reproduction or distribution without the express permission of the School for Esoteric Studies is prohibited.

Each segment of the course ends with recommendations for student work. These are a carry-over from the time when the course was offered by the SES for a fee. No provision is currently being made to "grade" student papers stemming from the course. I would be glad to respond to general questions about the course, but I do not have the resorces to serve as a secretary/commentator or provide feedback of any other kind on students' papers.


The course is divided into seven segments, which should be studied in turn. The Appendix provides a general reference resource and relates to the whole course.